Most chronic diseases are directly correlated to our environment.  The environment encompasses everything from: the air we breathe; to the food that we eat; to the water that we drink; to the products we put on our skin; to the surrounding electrical frequencies; to the thoughts we place in our mind.  It may seem like a feat in trying to create a healthy living environment.  However, like any lifestyle change, it just takes putting one foot in front of the other, one day at a time.  

Dr. Hayman sees these environmental aspects as obstacles to heal in many patients with chronic disease processes.  Sometimes it can be as simple as installing a HEPA filter in the bedroom for allergies, to more complex therapies such as IV nutrients and oral chelation to help the liver rid the body of an overabundance of toxins.  Dr. Hayman looks at the whole person and their environment, while trying to leave no stone unturned.  

Two of Dr. Hayman's mentors in Medical School were Dr. Walter Crinnion and Dr. Marianne Marchese.  Both Physicians are experts in Environmental Medicine  and have authored books on the subject, which she highly recommends to most of her patients.  They have been inspirations in her quest for healing patients and finding the root cause of disease processes.

Dr. Hayman uses the following cutting edge labs to see if environmental toxicity is correlated with their health concerns:

Heavy Metals / Urine Toxic Metals Profile

Chlorinated Pesticide Profile

Genetic Health Mutations:  Detoxifications, Neurotransmitters, Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Vitamin Synthesis

Red Blood Cell Nutrient Evaluation / Micronutrient Testing

Porphyrin Profile

Phthalate & Paraben Profile

Food Sensitivity Profile

Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology

SIBO and H. Pylori

Many of Dr. Hayman's patients have multiple chemical sensitivities, therefore her office is a fragrance-free environment.